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Fall workouts to try this month

A change in the weather can disrupt a great workout routine, but it’s also a great opportunity to try a new workout.

Here are two new workout options to work into your routine this fall for an extra challenge to overcome any gray skies.

The 30-day treadmill challenge

Sure, you can do a plank or bodyweight challenge to mix things up, and you probably should. But, if you thrive on getting to the gym, a machine-based cardio challenge is one you might want to incorporate into your fall training regimen.

This treadmill challenge is especially good for those of you signed up to run The Great Race September 25. Forget monotonous treadmill workouts; this one incorporates intervals (and even some bodyweight work) to keep you hopping.

The first week of the challenge, you find out what low, moderate, and high-intensity speeds are for you on the treadmill. Even if you’re a runner, don’t skip this part. The treadmill is a different type of running, so get your baseline.

Progressive HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a next-level workout meant to push your limits a little more with each session. Beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness level participants can all benefit from HIIT due to the way it’s structured: it’s all about how hard you push yourself.

Etage Athletic offers HIIT classes on the regular class schedule. You can start with HIIT Athletic for a total-body blast that combines cardio and strength, or you can opt for HIIT Strength (which is also good for beginners).

When you’re ready for even more of a challenge, join Etage Premier Studio and check out the small-group HIIT classes with a personalized coaching experience. HIIT X puts the “X” in eXtra hard work, and the results speak for themselves. Premier membership also comes with access to Premier Training App, which integrates seamlessly with your other fitness and nutrition apps, keeps you connected to your trainer in real-time, and helps you see your progress and track performance against your goals.

Plan your fall workouts now

Fall and winter weather are coming, so plan now to get ahead of any disruptions to your workout schedule. If you need help planning or finding something new and challenging to add to your routine, get with an Etage personal trainer and ask about HIIT X, a Fit 3D scan, and even DNA testing to refine your fitness and nutrition and see results fast.



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