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Ready to live your healthiest life?

Learn more about becoming a member at Etage Athletic Club by calling us at:

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Etage members enjoy 35,000 square feet of fitness and wellness! 

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    Membership cards are issued to members only. Cards must be displayed at the reception desk each time you enter the Etage Athletic Club "Club". Your membership card is not to be used by friends or relatives. Infraction of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the Club. New membership cards may be picked up at the reception desk within one week of joining. Your photo will be taken at this time and will be in the computer for identification. All members must have a photo on file. Lost cards must be replaced and a $10 replacement fee will be charged.
    Due to COVID-19 closure, Paid in Full membership expiration dates will be extended for the duration of the time the facility will be closed. Paid in Full memberships are nonrefundable. Virtual Memberships are a separate service from membership offerings within the Club. These memberships are nontransferable. An Individual Membership is a membership for one person.
    A guest may enter the Club after following these procedures: All guests must display photo identification and register at the front desk before entering. All guests must be at least 18 years old and be accompanied by a member while on the premises. The current guest fee must be paid upon registering or a valid guest pass must be presented.
    In addition to the terms and conditions contained in the Club’s membership agreement and rules posted regarding the use of equipment, the Club reminds members and guests of the importance of courtesy and respectful behavior towards others and at the Club. The following is a non-exhaustive list of conduct that is unacceptable and can lead to the suspension or termination of your membership and/or workout privileges, at the Club’s sole discretion. General Rules of Conduct: Use of offensive language, offensive or violent behavior, or use profanity towards another member, guest or employee of the Club. Committing an act of violence, threatening, intimidating, coercing or interfering with a member, guest or employee of the Club. Possessing firearms, weapons of any kind, or other dangerous material on Club property. Engaging in illegal, immoral or indecent conduct or behavior. Harassment (sexual or otherwise) toward a member, guest or employee of the Club. Behavior that is disrespectful towards members or Club employees or has the effect of interfering with another’s use of the Club or employment. Theft or the unauthorized possession of any Club, member, guest, or employee property. Possession, use, distribution or purchase of any illegal substances (including prescription drugs without a valid prescription) on Club property. Use of camera-equipped devices in any area where personal privacy is generally acknowledged, including dressing rooms, restrooms, exercise areas, shower facilities, etc. at any time due to the possibility of personal privacy violations. Use of cell phone cameras on the floor is only acceptable if surrounding members are okay with the usage, all clothing remains on and the camera is put away if a Member is uncomfortable. All guests must have a valid state identification to use the facilities. Club Rules: Do not drop weights. No excessive noise while lifting. Be courteous to other members and maintain appropriate personal space. Return all weights to proper racks. Do not lean weights or bars against walls or equipment. Use spotter and collars when necessary. Chalk use is not permitted. Wipe down equipment after use. All Club bags and personal items must be kept in locker rooms at your own risk. Proper Club attire (including athletic shoes) and maintaining good personal hygiene is required. No solicitation of products/services or freelance personal training on Club property. You must adhere to the manufacturer’s warnings and instructions on the equipment. Turn off treadmills when not in use. Cell phones are not permitted while using any Club equipment unless listening to music with headphones. The Club retains the right to terminate a member if he or she violates any of the above-stated rules or any provision of the Club’s membership agreement. Once membership is terminated, individuals may not rejoin the facility.
    For your protection please leave your valuables at home. We strongly suggest that you not leave valuables visible in your car either. Our lockers are not designed to protect your valuables. If you do use our lockers, you need to bring your own lock. As a convenience we sell locks at the front desk. Any personal items left overnight in daily lockers will be emptied and placed in the lost and found. Items are held in the lost and found for 15 days before they are donated. The Club is not responsible for personal items lost, stolen or missing.
    The Club shall not be responsible or liable to members or their guests for articles damaged, lost or stolen in or about the Club, in lockers, or for loss or damage to any property, including but not limited to automobiles, and the contents thereof. Lost and found articles are placed in an accessible public area. Lost and found articles not found to be of value are accessible by request at our front desk. Lost and found items of value such as wallets, jewelry and electronics are kept locked and secure and must be claimed in person with ID with one of our managers. Lost and found items will not be confirmed over the phone and are held for a maximum of 15 days before they are donated. The Club cannot and will not store personal belongings for members in the Club.
    Please consult the back of our class schedule for descriptions of classes. Class rules are designed to ensure safety and etiquette in the studio. They are as follows: Always follow the instructor, do not attempt your own routine. Be considerate of the adjacent member’s space. All equipment (steps, weights, bands) must be returned to the proper storage area. Arrive on time. For your safety, we cannot allow entry more than 5 minutes after a class has started Classes may require pre-registration based on spacing. You will be able to sign up online or through the MINDBODY app.
    Please allow other members to “work-in.” Do not tie up machines with multiple sets if others wish to use the same equipment. Your cardiovascular workout is limited to 30 minutes if others are waiting. Outside trainers, or anything perceived as pesonal training, are not allowed. Personal equipment and belongings are not allowed (i.e. gym bags, purses) on the workout floor. Please return your weights and re-stack your dumbbells during workouts. Use a towel and wipe the equipment after use. Food is not permitted in the fitness area, the group exercise studios or the rooftop sports court. When lifting heavy weights, use a “spotter”. The use of chalk is not allowed. Closed toed shoes must be worn on the workout floor. Jeans are not permitted on the workout floor.
    To create the most of each experience, there is limited use of cellular phones in the workout areas. Locker room use is prohibited.
    Please remember to inform the Club of any email address and/or address changes. Any notice shall be considered delivered when mailed to the addresses as it appears on your membership application or as subsequently changed by written notice to the Club. Speak with club management when looking to advertise or post notices within the club.
    Monthly dues are debited from Member’s accounts through an electronic funds transfer system on a monthly basis and reflect that month’s dues. Changes in billing must be presented to the Club by the 10th of the preceding month in order to avoid an additional $20 return fee.
    Proper attire is required for members and guests using the club. Shirts and shoes are required in public and recreational areas. The club may prohibit the use of personal equipment in the club. Appropriate attire and foot-wear are required in exercise classes and in the exercise areas. Jeans are not permitted.
    Club hours are 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Hours are subject to change. Basketball Court hours are 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Availability is subject to weather.
    Charges and fees for services, facilities are subject to change as deemed necessary by the Club.
    In the event that repairs, renovations or preventative maintenance is necessary, the Club may be required to restrict the use of or close one or more of the Club’s facilities. The Club may also curtail certain Club activities. There will be no reduction, suspension, abatement or apportionment of membership fees, rates or charges during such time or times when one or more of the Club’s facilities or activities are unavailable for use as a result of the requirements or repair, renovation or maintenance.
    A leave of absence may be granted by the Club for medical or non-medical reasons. Medical freezes require a form with documentation to be submitted prior to processing the freeze. Freeze requests must be submitted 5 business days prior the billing date. We require a freeze form to be filled out emailed to with the requested dates (start and end date) and members will be billed at $10/month. A member may freeze their account for a maximum of six months per year.
    The member shall pay for any damage to the Club’s property by the member, member’s guest or dependent.
    Etage Athletic Club parking spaces are located in the garage located at 424 Stanwix Street. The club validates parking for up to three (3) hours during non-peak hours and two (2) hours during peak hours.
    There will be no smoking, including e-cigarettes or vaping permitted on the Club premises.
    All base agreements (ie. 12 month commitments) automatically roll to month to month agreements once the base term has been fulfilled. Memberships are able to be cancelled once the term of the base agreement has been met and a 30 day written notice has been submitted via cancellation form. Any member who is loud, offensive, uses profanity, is bothersome to other members/employees, or behaves otherwise in an unbecoming manner, or who is cited for infraction may be suspended or terminated from the club. We have the right to refuse continued membership if member’s behavior is deemed harmful to other members, employees or to the Club in general. Once terminated by the Club, individuals may not rejoin facility.
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Visit us in downtown Pittsburgh and experience 30,000 square feet of premium-athletic and fitness training equipment, variety of classes, Les Mills specialty classes, HIIT X studio, virtual programs, personal training, hydromassage, rooftop basketball court, DNA genetic direction programs, wellbeing, and much more!

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