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The Fitness Buff’s Ultimate Gift Guide

Have a fitness buff on your “nice list” this holiday season? Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some great gifts to tuck under the tree or stuff in a stocking for the gym rat – or really anyone, because we all know fitness applies universally.

And since everyone’s working with a different budget, our gift recommendations include quality options at a variety of price points – “high intensity,” “moderate” and “low impact.” See what we did there? When possible, we’ve linked directly to the manufacturer, but a quick online search should steer you to the best deal on each item.

Our suggestions span all phases of the workout – from preparation to finish line. Let’s get shopping!

Gym Bag

First things first: We’ll start with something to transport all the workout gear. The best gym bag is one that’s durable, washable (looking at you, sweaty clothes and sneakers) and offers ample storage for a range of items. The ability to keep a water bottle or shower gear separate from shoes, clothing and electronics is a huge plus, especially in the event of a leak. Here are a few of our top picks:

Low Impact: UA Undeniable Duffle Bag ($40)

Women’s Leggings

Is there such a thing as too much athleisure in one’s drawer? Never. Leggings especially rule as a woman’s go-to for the gym and, frankly, dressing on a daily basis for work, play and everything in between. Aim for a pair that’s high-rise and pocketed like these styles the females on your list are sure to love:

Men’s Shorts

Today, function and fashion go hand-in-hand with men’s athletic shorts. Essential qualities of a high-performing pair include moisture-wicking fabrics, aerated waistbands and hidden pockets to hold keys, wedding rings or whatever else he might need to keep close while working out. Here, we are honing in on lined styles available in a range of inseams, though 7-inch seems to rank most popular according to one poll.

High Intensity: Saxx Gainmaker ($78)

Low Impact: Asics Mens Ready-Set Short ($32)


It’s rare that a fitness buff doesn’t own a set of wireless earbuds, but in the event they’ve held out or are in need of an upgrade, choosing a pair can be pretty overwhelming with so many options out there. So we’ve narrowed it down to those that consistently top the review lists. A good rule of thumb should you think a different style (e.g., over-the-ear or neckband) better suits your recipient: Seek out products that support the Bluetooth 5.0 standard and offer a minimum of five hours of battery life.

High Intensity: Apple AirPods Pro 2nd gen ($250)

Moderate: Bose Sport Earbuds ($150)

Low Impact: Jabra Elite 3 ($80)

Fitness tracker

If you’re shopping for someone who’s extremely goal-oriented, always up for some friendly competition or just getting into a fitness routine, a wearable tracker is in order. Today’s devices can keep tabs on the full breadth of wellness factors including but not limited to activity and oxygen levels, sleep habits and heart rate. They look good too! Of course you can always go with a smartwatch, but here we’re spotlighting a few new devices worth considering (and not necessarily for the wrist, we might add).

High Intensity: Oura Ring ($340-$550)

Moderate: Whoop Band [] ($240)

Low Impact: Amazon Halo View ($80)

Water Bottle

Who isn’t thirsting for a water bottle that’s durable, lightweight and able to keep beverages cold for hours on end? Even better is a vessel that pulls double duty. Want to track your water intake? Store valuables while you move between circuits? Or filter water as you sip? See below for some innovative options that would make great gifts for recipients of all ages.

High Intensity: Gatorade Smart Gx ($70)

Moderate: Bindle ($40)

Recovery Tools

Perhaps a post-workout indulgence is really what that person on your list needs? There are a variety of ways to recover – not to mention areas to target – after a rigorous session at the gym. Here are some of our preferred methods ranging from high-tech to simple. Yet they’ve all got one thing in common: effectiveness.

High Intensity: Theragun Mini ($200)

Moderate: Wave Solo ($80)

Whew! So many options at every price point here. But if you’re really looking to make someone’s holiday, you can’t go wrong with an Etage Athletic Club membership. Take a look at everything we offer in our 35,000-square-foot facility, then call us at (412) 201-4653 to get that special person signed up in time for Santa’s arrival. We also sell functional and stylish Etage swag in our pro shop. All the cool kids are wearing it! These items work great as standalone gifts or in combination with a new membership. Come visit us in person to see what’s in store.



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