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Is It Time To Hire a Personal Trainer?

You’ve been at this exercise thing for a while now, maybe even years. And you’ve been flying solo the entire time. Or maybe you’re new to the gym and motivated like never before to become your best self. So why consider starting up with a personal trainer now?

Well, the arguments FOR personal trainers are plentiful. They hold you accountable by getting you to the gym and working you harder than you might be able to push yourself independently. A trainer also introduces you to new equipment and exercises.

But the best-selling benefit of personal training: the personalization. After a thorough inventory of your lifestyle and goals plus a fitness assessment, trainers develop tailored workouts and instruction specific to your needs, then offer individualized coaching and guidance on the gym floor and beyond.

But if you’re still a skeptic, let’s review your arguments AGAINST hiring a personal trainer and see if we can debunk them.

I’ve got an injury.

Provided your doctor has approved you returning to the gym, now would be an ideal time to call on an expert for guidance. Personal trainers are well-versed and trained in injury prevention. If you’ve got a pre-existing issue or chronic pain, he or she can teach and make sure you’re using proper form in exercises, and offer modifications to avoid further injury. A trainer also can recommend exercises to address muscle weakness or target areas that would assist with the healing process.

I feel good and think what I’m doing is working just fine.

This is great to hear! But going at this alone, you risk plateauing and boredom. Additionally, as our bodies age, they require a greater focus on endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. For all of these reasons, it’s important to be proactive and introduce new exercises, equipment and techniques to your routine. A personal trainer knows what’s appropriate at every age and which strengthening, resistance and cardio exercises are most effective for each body type, now and later.

I like to work out at home.

That’s understandable, especially after living through a pandemic that forced many folks to make big investments in their home gyms. But lucky for you, virtual personal training is available – and effective!Etage’s virtual services include fitness program design, evaluation, and on-going support weekly, monthly or whenever you need it. Whether you’re working out at home because you feel safer, it saves you time or just out of an obligation to get some use out of that home gym, you don’t have to sacrifice the benefits of personal training. Contact us now to learn more about this option.

I don’t like that much one-on-one attention.

If having a personal trainer all to yourself sounds way too intimate, you sounds like an ideal candidate for small partner training. We welcome a handful of friends – ideally two to four people – to sign up together for the ultimate combination of fun and fitness. Another option is to hire a trainer just for the short-term to get you on the right path and well-educated on the gym floor, then returned to your independent workouts. Personal training isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We can work with you to find the right fit!

I really just need a nutritionist.

Well, here’s where you can have your cake and eat it too! Because fitness and nutrition are not mutually independent of each other, our personal trainers are just as educated about what we put in our bodies as they are about what the human body is capable of achieving. No workout plan is effective in the absence of good nutrition, so you can expect plenty of advice and guidance on food, supplements and vitamins – and maybe even some good recipes – to come your way courtesy of a personal trainer.

Ok, you’ve convinced me. Now what?

If you’re ready to experience the many benefits of personal training, schedule a complimentary startup session or call (412) 201-4653. Single and monthly sessions as well as packages available.



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