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How to Stay On Track and Crush Your Goals Through February

February is one of the coldest months, making it feel impossible to leave the house, let alone get to the gym! It can be easy to go into a hibernation period during this time. It is also common to not prioritize health during these cold months, due to layering up with clothing and giving into comforting foods. Don’t feel bad! Everyone has these instincts and goes through this struggle. But I want you to think about where you could be in a few months. Visualize yourself now, where you want to be in three months and what it will take to get there/how good it will feel when you do. Staying consistent with activity and eating healthy can make a HUGE difference, especially with the warmer months approaching. Start now, not then.

February is also the month of love! Valentine's or Galentine’s day celebrations can include dinners out, lots of candy, special drinks, etc. Holidays can be extremely tempting. Am I saying to restrict yourself from all goodies related to Valentine’s day? No! Of course not... However, there are many strategies to avoid backsliding and derailing progress while still enjoying some treats. So how do we stay on track through this holiday? Don’t worry - I’ve got you!

Having a partner (whether a significant other or friend) to workout with and cook healthy meals with can be incredibly helpful. Holding each other accountable on snowy days when leaving the house is not desirable, or when the chocolate is calling can be a great way to work on adherence. 

Here are some great examples: 

  • Do a month-long challenge with your partner. Each person can select a prize of their choosing, making this competition desirable. Some challenges might include: steps per day (an appropriate goal would be 7-10k), calorie burn per day (this number will vary person to person, but I would suggest 400-600 calories), protein intake per day (.8g per kilo of body weight). These challenges will not only bring fun, friendly competitive dynamics.. But push you to achieve your goals and enhance your health! 

  • Do partner workouts, some of my favorites are: wall sit or plank contests, sit-up passes with a medicine ball, plank high-fives and squats with a rotational pass. Another idea that does not involve actual duo exercises is to do a superset workout with your partner. For example, one person hits a lat pulldown and the other does bicep curls, switching back and forth through the set. You can also take a walk with your workout partner, having someone to talk to through it can make cardio a lot easier and enjoyable! 

  • Make date night or girls night a chance to try a new healthy, high protein sweet treat! One of my favorite recipes is low calorie, high protein peanut butter cups. Mix PB2 with your milk of choice, salt and sweetener to make peanut butter. Melt a sugar free chocolate in the microwave (ex. Lilly’s or Hershey's sugar free dark) and assemble in a muffin tin or small cups! You can also add a greek yogurt to your peanut butter to add volume to this dessert. I love finding new low calorie, high protein treats on TikTok or Instagram reels. There are so many ideas out there. 

  • Try out a new low sugar Valentine’s day cocktail. Some of my favorite low calorie mixers that will work perfect with the holiday theme are muddled strawberries, Mio strawberry lemonade or black cherry, ICE sparkling grapefruit and Fitvine Rose. When choosing a liquor - the lowest calorie and sugar content is going to be your clear liquors (vodka, tequila, white rum, etc.). In the realm of wine... Reach for the driest, such as Sauvignon Blanc or a Cabernet.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from reaching your goals! You will be so thankful, once the warmer months arrive that you put in the work. It is so easy to say you're going to start next week, but prolonging goals and trying to go cold turkey on your cravings is not the most effective way, trust me. Set goals and follow through. Create fun competitions with your significant other or friend to keep you motivated. Do not restrict yourself from the treats you enjoy, just moderate intake and find good substitutes. Enjoy Valentine's day keeping your health on point!

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