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Dive Into Something New This Summer

If the sweltering heat, poor air quality or just plain lazy days of summer have you struggling to find the motivation to exercise, perhaps it’s time to try something new.

This time of year opens up so many opportunities to experiment with different activities or sports. Our Etage Athletic staffers have a few to recommend, beginning with an exciting addition to our own offerings.


If you’re one of the few Americans not playing pickleball, it’s time to get out and try it – and see for yourself why the sport has taken the world by storm. Part tennis, part badminton and part ping-pong, pickleball lends itself to beginner and experienced players alike. The game can be played as teams of doubles or singles, and its appeal knows no limits agewise.

Pickleball courts are popping up everywhere, both indoors and out – in shopping malls, on tennis courts and, here at Etage Athletic, on the rooftop! Open to members and nonmembers alike, our sky-high setup can be reserve for 60 minutes at a time. Sign up here to reserve a time slot. Access is free to members. Nonmembers incur a minimal fee.

Find rules of the game and more information on the sport here.


At the risk of stating the obvious, swimming is an ideal endeavor for this time of year. The perks of a pool workout are plentiful – low-impact, full-body and an easy way to beat the heat. With a range of strokes at one’s disposal, many find the ability to vary a swim workout to be one of its biggest appeals.

Need an introduction to or refresher on proper stroke technique? We think this guide offers some great advice for mastering the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Find swimming way too isolating? Look into joining an adult swim team to get some social benefits out of the experience as well.


If you’ve got easy access to a body of water – lake, pond and ocean all work – paddleboarding offers the ultimate adventure and a quality workout. It’s a great, full-body exercise; physically and mentally challenging; and quite the thrill.

If you’re just getting started, begin in a seated position and work your way up to your knees then standing. Seek an even bigger challenge? Incorporate some yoga poses into your paddleboard session.

Some great tips for those just beginning can be found here.


Looking for something a little less likely to get you soaked? Try your skill at rowing, which can be done on the water or on dry land using a rowing machine (aka “erg”). Another full-body workout, rowing targets the quadriceps, calves and glutes while also putting the pecs, arms, abdominal muscle and obliques to work.

Many tout the meditative qualities of rowing, as the repetitive motion lends itself to quite the mind-body alignment.

But proper form is essential with rowing. Consult with one of our trainers to certify that you’re using the erg on our wellness floor correctly.

Rock Climbing

If a mountain vaca isn’t in the cards this summer but you’re itching to take your exercise to a whole new level, head to an indoor climbing facility and try your hand at rock climbing or bouldering. Yet another full-body challenge, climbing targets the core, arms, shoulders, legs, glutes and back. It’s also low-impact but certainly not low on intensity!

Indoor rock climbing requires appropriate shoes, a harness and ropes – all of which you can rent from area climbing gyms. Beginners would be wise to start scaling with the assistance of an auto-belay so they can move at their own pace and not require the assistance of a partner (belayer) on the ground. These also ward off dangerous slips or falls by slowly lowering you to the ground as you descend or upon completing a climb.

Bouldering involves only the hands and feet and doesn’t take you too high off the ground. Many climbing gyms offer a full range of bouldering difficulties.

Some recommended strength-training exercises aimed at making these activities easier include push-ups, pull-ups, front dumbbell raises and kettleball swings. Further guidance on prepping your body for climbing can be found here.

Ready to Play?

Whether it’s because you find yourself with a little more time or need the novelty of a new activity for motivation, summertime is prime time to explore the wide world of workouts. We hope the aforementioned activities help you have fun while getting fit in the process!



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