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The Do’s & Don'ts Of Meal Prepping

There is no denying the benefits of meal prepping. Pre-planning some or the majority of your meals will surely set you up for success, not to mention save you a little money too. More meals from home, means less on-the-go options which equals more money in your pocket at the end of each week. #winwin

But before you dive down the meal prepping rabbit hole by pinning a million different recipes and watching lengthy videos on Youtube, let us help you with some very easy Do’s and Don’ts. Follow these simple tips to set yourself up for a successful week ahead.

DO plan accordingly. Before running out the grocery store be sure to take a hard look at your calendar. There are a few things to think about before getting started…

  1. Which meals do you need the most help with?

  2. How many of them do you need for the week? Be sure to take into account work meetings, scheduled gym sessions, after school activities with the kids, etc.

  3. Which day or days will you have the time to meal prep?

DO mix it up. For example, if you’re only prepping lunches try picking two different options rather than one big batch of the same thing all week. It can be very easy to find a recipe that you love and want to just stick with it week after week, but we promise you, that will get old and we want to focus on building consistent and sustainable habits.

DO include the basics. When you don’t have the time or the energy to scroll through the endless amount of options you can find on the internet, be sure to stick to the basics! You can never go wrong with lean proteins, loads of veggies, a healthy fat and something that adds a little crunch. 😉

DO keep it simple. Not every meal needs to be note-worthy or picture perfect in order to be satisfying. Smoothies, salads & wraps are great options that can be eaten at your desk or on-the-go.

DON’T over prep. There is nothing worse than planning and prepping so much food, having it all neatly stacked away in the fridge to end up throwing half of it out because you just don’t feel like having that particular meal anymore. Be realistic….are you really going to want to eat that frittata you made on Sunday for the next 5-6 mornings??

DON’T stress over it. Meal prepping does not have to take over your entire Sunday. Focus on finding the meal prep strategy that works for you….once a week, bi-weekly or maybe every evening. Meal prepping should make your life easier not the other way around.

DON’T mix everything together. Not all foods heat up well together and if you’re using any type of condiment or dressing, you want to be sure to set that aside so that you don’t end up with a container filled with soggy food!

BONUS TIP! Make meal prepping a family affair. Rally the household and get everyone involved. And, if that isn’t an option….turn it into some good-ole “me time.” Pour yourself a glass of red wine, turn up the music and start prepping! 😊



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