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3 top health benefits of regular sauna use

The health benefits of regular sauna use are reason enough to check out the locker room saunas at Etage. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to use a sauna regularly.

Reason 1: Sweat

Using a sauna is a great way to increase the body’s core temperature and trigger a sweat response. As the body tries to cool itself by sweating, it begins releasing waste products. Some of those waste products include lactic acid, the primary culprit of sore muscles.

Brief sauna sessions can be a great part of any recovery plan to help rid the body of waste and help detoxify. Starting a regular sauna routine can decrease the instances of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), improve blood circulation, help clear up acne, and may also lessen joint pain associated with arthritis.

Reason 2: Sleep

Just like a workout can get the blood pumping, help remove waste, and support a normal circadian rhythm, spending 20 minutes in a sauna a couple of times weekly may help you get better sleep at night.

Sleep is an often-overlooked necessity for healthy living and seeing real progress at the gym. If you’re not hitting PRs and all your work on meal prepping doesn’t seem to be helping, take a look at your sleep habits. A body can’t build muscle without adequate sleep for regeneration, so schedule some sauna time and clean up your sleep habits to see if that helps.

Besides, who couldn’t use a healthy way to relax in silence?

Reason 3: Energy

It might seem counter-intuitive that a relaxing, hot sauna could help you have more energy, but it’s true. When the body has a regular method for detoxification that also helps with recovery, it’s able to become more resilient and stay active longer throughout the day.

That’s good news for your fitness goals, and may also provide benefit in other areas. More energy and sharper brain function throughout the day are both benefits of regular sauna use that everyone could use.

Experience the benefits of regular sauna use

If you’re an Etage Athletic member, you already have access to a sauna every time you visit the fitness center locker rooms. Take full advantage of your 1.5-hour free parking by adding a few, 20-minute sauna sessions to your workout routine every week. Let us know what benefits you’re seeing, and try out a new group fitness class or personal training goal with all that new-found energy.

Make sure it’s safe for you to use a sauna before your first sweat session, and drink plenty of water before and after each sauna visit. Learn more about the benefits of regular sauna use and how to do it safely and even more frequently in this article from our friends at Nike.



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